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We operate with several different offshore jurisdictions, like UAE (Jafza & RAK), BVI,Seychelles and Cyprus.Our services are covering a professional company formation where we ensure you are not left alone in the process and where you will have all the corporate documents send to an address of your choice and of course as originals with stamps and Apostille.

While many don’t provide a set of original corporate documents and which most often also is impossible for many others to provide, then GR Offshore always provide a set of original corporate documents with apostille, we do not want our clients find them self in a situation where they are not able to use the new registered offshore company for anything because of missing documents.


In Which Jurisdiction Should I Incorporate My Offshore Company?

This is one of the most common business questions of the modern time. The incorporation of offshore companies has continued to increase in popularity and it has never been as beneficial to incorporate an offshore company as it is in 2010. Thousands of online businesses have discovered the advantages of incorporating companies offshore and they are already experiencing major benefits such as tax exemption, tax reduction, asset protection and complete anonymity.

One of the biggest questions currently being asked, with all of the offshore jurisdictions available, is “which jurisdiction should I register my offshore company in?”
Different jurisdictions offer different benefits and it is important that you choose the jurisdiction that will offer the most benefits for your company. Below we will discuss 4 of the major offshore jurisdictions and the advantages they could offer you and your company.

Before we begin outlining the jurisdictions and their advantages it is important that you understand some of the terminology we will be using:

IBC = International Business Company, a term for offshore companies in almost any offshore and even onshore jurisdiction.
Offshore jurisdiction = Tax Haven / low tax jurisdiction. Mostly offshore jurisdictions are located on islands or in countries that have no corporate tax, or provide a low taxation rate while also offering privacy and anonymity protection.

TIEA = Tax Information Exchange Agreement. Model agreement on exchange of information on tax matters, developed by the OECD Global Forum Working Group on Effective Exchange of Information
The 4 offshore jurisdictions below were chosen, as they are 4 of the most popular jurisdictions for the incorporation of offshore companies and they offer a wide range of benefits to a miriad of different companies.

UAE Offshore:

Such company can be incorporated in the jurisdiction of Ras Al Khaimah and Jebel Ali which offers following benefits:

 The offshore possibility has basically been set up to cater for companies who need to have a regional "tax relief-invoicing-facility" - There is no minimum capital required and also no need to set up an actual office facility. The off-shore regulations have been issued according to new international standards and companies will have to register minimum one director per company, keep financial records and issue an annual financial report audited by a professional auditing company approved by the free zone.

The British Virgin Islands:
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has long been one of the most famous offshore jurisdictions and thousands of companies have been incorporated in BVI over the last few centuries. Unfortunately, major changes during the past 2 years have made it unattractive for companies to incorporate in BVI. This is mainly due to the TIEAs they have signed with countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, The Nordic Council (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, The Faroes, Finland, Greenland and Iceland), New Zealand, Netherlands, Aruba, China, Ireland and France. You may notice that the mentioned countries have high tax burdens and it was from these countries that most of the companies came to incorporate in BVI.

In the past BVI was the home for many Financial Companies (for the purpose of managing investments), Forex Trading, Mutual Funds etc. It was quite simple to establish these types of companies in the BVI and avoid paying any taxes. Today this has changed considerably and many companies are choosing to stay away from the BVI.

For most Europeans Cyprus is the No. 1 place to incorporate as Cyprus has the lowest tax rate in Europe. It does have various TIEAs and Double Tax Agreements in place, but despite this it can offer (with the right tax planning) many small, medium and large corporations huge financial benefits.
Cyprus is so attractive to companies and individuals as it is a part of the European Union, it is possible to use Nominee Shareholders and Directors (for anonymity) and it is also possible to avoid corporate tax (0% corporate tax) if the Cyprus Company is nonresident.

The Seychelles:
The Seychelles are well known in the corporate world, but not quite as famous as the previously mentioned offshore jurisdictions. To incorporate in the Seychelles takes less than 2 hour, and they haven’t signed any TIEAs with other nations at this point in time. They will eventually be forced to sign some TIEAs but it is likely this will only be with small, non-important countries.

The Seychelles have very simple regulations in regards to the operation of Financial Investment Companies like Forex Trading, Banking Services and E-Currencies, as well as Mutual Funds, International Trusts and much more.

You do not need to visit any of the above jurisdictions to register a company within them. It is also possible to open offshore bank accounts in all of these jurisdictions without visiting the country or the bank. Everything can be handled online so that you never have to leave your country but can still achieve the great benefits of having an offshore company.

We hope that the above has given you some useful information in regards to achieving the incorporation of your Offshore Company in the near future. As every company is different and seeks different benefits we recommend you get in touch with one of our professionals who can find a personalized solution for your company and who can guide you, step by step, through the entire process.

Offshore Company Formation for professional business development as well as real offshore bank accounts for clients world wide without visiting the offshore jurisdiction of your choice!.

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